Dr. Amy Giles, CNM, DNP

Certified Nurse Midwife & Doctor of Nursing Practice

I was introduced to midwifery during my first pregnancy. My husband and I felt so safe and cared for with every visit. During the birth, our nurse-midwife was at my side reminding me that I was strong and capable to bring our son into this world. It was a very empowering and spiritual experience. I knew then that midwifery was my calling.

It is a blessing to support women during this incredibly important time of their lives. I want all women to feel empowered by their birth experience. As a CNM, I remind women that they are strong and that their body knows exactly how to grow their baby and bring their child into this world.

As the owner of Allen Birthing Center, I am fortunate to work with an amazing staff—dedicated to providing the best care to every family! It is also a blessing to be co-owner of the center with my husband, Jeff. He is an amazing advocate for natural birth, especially after being such an integral part of the home birth of our daughter. He is our administrative director and works closely with our billing director. Jeff and I see the Birth Center as our home and the staff and clients as our family.

Amy holds a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a master’s degree from Texas Woman’s University. She obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Midwifery from the Parkland School of Nurse-Midwifery/UT Southwestern Medical School. She also has a Post-Graduate certification as a women’s health care nurse practitioner.

Amy’s excellent clinical skills coupled with her academic achievements led to her being one of the youngest faculty members teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at Texas Woman’s University. Amy has been named “Best Midwife” by Dallas Child Magazine on numerous occasions.

Amy is committed to ensuring continuity of care for all birth center moms. She worked tirelessly with Dr. Lawrence Pierce to become the first birth center CNM to obtain hospital privileges in the state of Texas. This allows all birth center moms to continue care with the midwives with which they have developed a relationship even if they must transfer to the hospital. Amy also cares for women at Baylor McKinney who are considered too high risk to deliver at the center. Amy wants to give every mom the opportunity to have the birth of her dreams no matter the setting.