• You have nipple pain or abrasions.
  • Your baby is not having enough wet or dirty diapers.
  • Your baby is losing weight (or not gaining enough weight).
  • The pediatrician has instructed you to provide supplemental feedings.


The first 3-5 days are the most important days of the entire time a woman and baby nurse. It is when the foundation of her milk supply is established. Get help if you are having challenges! You are not alone. Breastfeeding support groups, other nursing moms, and lactation consultants are here to help.

Tips for success in the first days
Let labor start on its own & have the most natural birth possible
Immediate skin to skin contact at birth & continued for the first 3 days
Ensure a deep latch, behind the nipple & onto the areola
Feed baby when he is hungry, rather than on a schedule
Be prepared for cluster feeding when baby is 2 days old, & anytime baby has a growth spurt

We strongly believe that childbirth classes are needed for this model of care. Natural birth is like running a marathon. It is important to train for the big day. You may attend classes wherever you choose.

We believe the Bradley Method is the most effective method for most couples who opt out of hospital birth. However, some women are more comfortable with a different method. We support you in whatever method you choose.

At 36 weeks, a birth plan specific for you, your family, and your baby will be developed. You will share with us how we can provide you with the birth of your dreams.

If you have pre-paid your care and then transfer to another provider during your pregnancy, we will deduct fees for services already rendered plus a $75 administrative/accounting services fee. We will then refund the remainder. No facility fee refund will be made after a woman has been admitted to a birth room in labor.

If you transfer during the intrapartum period (labor and delivery), we will deduct professional fees at the rate of $150/hr for services provided; prior to and during the transfer. Any remaining professional labor & delivery attendance portion of the professional fees will be refunded.

If the CNM or Drs. Lawrence or Brock Pierce continues your care at the hospital, you are responsible for the additional provider and hospital fees. We will transfer any credit you have at ABC to the provider to cover these costs and refund you the remainder.

Your insurance plan is a unique program that was designed by your employer and your insurance company. Insurance companies do reimburse CNMs and some cover birth centers. Fewer insurance companies reimburse for home births. If your insurance plan does not cover your situation, you can request a GAP exception from your insurance provider.

Allen Birthing Center’s CNMs are in-network for BlueCross BlueShield for services including pregnancy, illness, wellness, and well-woman care. We are considered out-of-network for all other insurance providers. Some plans will allow for a GAP exception allowing you to use your benefits as though ABC was in-network. There is an information sheet on GAP exceptions included in the packet you received during your tour. We also have ways to lower your cost through discount opportunities.

Contact us if you have further questions about how you can use your insurance benefits at ABC.

Allen Birthing Center will be happy to file your insurance for you. You are responsible for paying any deductibles, co-payments and non-covered portions of the bill at the time services are rendered.

Because your insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance provider, Allen Birthing Center cannot be involved in disputes between you and your insurance provider about paying for your birth services.

You are responsible for paying any claim that is not paid by your insurance company within 90 days. You may then attempt to settle with them on your own behalf. Allen Birthing Center will be happy to provide any documentation to assist you.

After an initial meeting, the CNM will assess your initial pregnancy risk and tell you if you are a candidate for midwifery services through Allen Birthing Center. If approved, you will then schedule your first comprehensive visit.

A $500 non-refundable payment is due at the first comprehensive visit for initial services rendered and to reserve your spot. This will be applied to your total bill. Final acceptance, however, is contingent on the outcome of the first comprehensive health care visit. Our office will set up a secure online account for you to complete your paperwork before your first visit. Initial scheduling can be done in person or by phone.

In order to give the highest level of care, we limit the number of clients we schedule each month. Unfortunately, sometimes this necessitates a wait list.

Once you set up your first appointment and pay your deposit, your place is guaranteed.